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Talhance is a consultancy that simplifies complex operations and aids in accelerating your growth towards success.

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About Us

Talhance is committed to providing exceptional services that drive success and growth for our clients and students alike.

Through our global outsourcing services, we optimize business efficiency, while our expert recruiting and staffing connect companies with top talent. Simultaneously, our personalized guidance ensures students achieve success in their overseas education pursuits. Together, we pave the way for growth and excellence.

Global Outsourcing Services: By leveraging our extensive network and expertise, we enable businesses to focus on their core competencies while we handle non-core functions through outsourcing, ensuring enhanced productivity and flexibility.

Recruiting & Staffing: We have a dedicated team of skilled professionals who excel in identifying, screening, and recruiting top talent for your company. With an in-depth understanding of your specific industry demands, we ensure that you have access to the right workforce that aligns seamlessly with your organizational culture and goals.

Overseas Education: With a focus on personalized guidance and a strong commitment to student success, we help students make informed decisions and navigate the complex admission process to ensure a smooth transition to their dream institutions.

Global Outsourcing Services

Data Analytics, Development & Networking Services

Big Data Analytics

Processing and analyzing vast data sets to uncover valuable insights and patterns.

Mobile & Web App

Developing applications for mobile and web platforms, enhancing user experiences.


Utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate tasks and improve decision-making.


Creating immersive augmented and virtual reality experiences for various industries.

IoT & Embedded Systems

Building interconnected devices and embedded systems for seamless data exchange.

Robotics & Automation

Implementing robotics and automation solutions to streamline processes and boost efficiency.

Network Services

Providing reliable and efficient network solutions for seamless connectivity.

Network Security Services

Ensuring robust security measures to safeguard networks and sensitive data.

GIS & BIM Services

Lidar Data Processing & QC

Our cutting-edge software and meticulous team ensure precise and swift Lidar data processing and rigorous quality control, delivering accurate geospatial insights.

UAV & Mobile Mapping Services

Harnessing state-of-the-art UAV technology and agile mobile devices, we efficiently collect and map data, providing real-time updates and high-resolution results.

Aerial Orthomosaic Processing

Employing a streamlined workflow and powerful algorithms, we swiftly generate seamless orthomosaic maps for meticulous analysis.

Digital Photogrammetry

Leveraging advanced photogrammetry techniques, we deliver precise measurements and intricately detailed 3D models with rapid turnaround times.

Image Analytics & Reporting

Our sophisticated image analytics tools and comprehensive reporting system efficiently uncover valuable insights.

PLS CADD Modeling

With expertise in PLS CADD modeling, we deftly create accurate 3D models for meticulous power line design and analysis.

Geomatics Production

Our experienced team ensures efficient geospatial data production and mapping, meeting project deadlines effectively.

Building Information Modeling

Leveraging BIM software and our skilled professionals, we efficiently create detailed digital representations for optimal construction planning and design.

For Job Seekers

- Remote, Hybrid & On-field Job Opportunities

Talhance helps in connecting leading employers with the best talent around the world. If you are a professional looking for a job, we're here to help and guide you through the process. We match companies with highly skilled candidates with expertly curated opportunities.

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For Employers

- Contract, Interns & Full-time Candidates

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Find the right employee for your open position.

Our recruiters specialize in hiring for the following domains - Engineering, Technology, Management, Healthcare, Accounting, Human Resource, Finanacial, Operational and Legal Support. Each team is led by experienced recruiters who are specialized in their respective domains.

Bridge employers and candidates.

Unique need identification.

Committment to quality.

Specialized training.

Curated hiring.

Payroll management.

For Interns

- Equal Opportunity (Citizens, CPT, OPT, STEM-OPT)

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Discover the perfect intern for your role.

Our recruiters excel in sourcing internships across Engineering, Technology, Management, Healthcare, Accounting, Human Resource, Financial, Operational, and Legal Support domains. Each team, led by experienced recruiters, focuses on their specialized areas.

Identifying unique requirements.

Ensuring top-notch quality.

Tailored intern development programs.

Carefully selected candidates.

Efficient intern program management.

Payroll management.

Why Choose Us?

Streamlined Education to Employment Cycle

From finding the right University to helping with Employment Talhance is here to help

Connecting Students to Universities across the World

Opening opportunities for Students to study the world over

Connecting Universities to International Students

Building the bridge between Universities and International Students

University - Employer interaction

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Connect Your Business to Professionals at every skill level

From Interns to Experienced Industry Professionals

Ensuring You get the right person for the job

Working with each business to make sure the professional they get is the best person for the task

Letter from COO

The modern employee/employer relationship seems to be growing ever more daunting.

From the eyes of a Skilled Professional searching for their Career

It can be hard to find that one opportunity that not only acknowledges the time and effort you put into developing your skills and knowledge but also sees just how much potential you have.

Per the needs of an Employer seeking a Professional

It is impossible to know if candidate you interview is going to truly fulfill the needs of your business and help it to continue growing.

Talhance is here to bridge the divide.

We work with students, universities, and businesses to make sure the positions we fill are handled by professionals who know their craft. Acting as talent scout, recruitment specialists, and human resources Talhance shoulders the burden of finding both employees and careers.

Working with businesses of all sizes we create compensation and expectation agreements for the talented professionals we work with. This allows the company and the employee to know that everyones needs are being fulfilled on time and within reason, and focus on their futures knowing that employment and hiring are taken care of.

~ J Herman

Our Core Commitments


Global leader in transformative outsourcing solutions, driving clients to new heights of success.


Empowering success through strategic outsourcing, fostering growth and positive change in the global landscape.


Excellence | Integrity | Innovation | Collaboration | Customer-Centric | Empowerment | Accountability | Diversity | Sustainability.

"The ignited mind of the youth is the most powerful resource on the earth, above the earth and under the earth."

- APJ Abdul Kalam

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International Collaborations

For Students

- Top Universities Across the Globe

Educational Counseling, Career Counseling, Course Selection, University Selection, Scholarships, Assistanships, Application formalities, Visa Guidance, Interview Preparations, Travel Guidance, Housing & Boarding Supports, Post Graduate Formalities, Other Due Deligence

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  • Course Selection
  • University Selection
  • Scholarships
  • Assistanships
  • Application Formalities

Educational Counseling

Empowering Your Educational Journey: Expert Counseling and Unwavering Support

Let our expert educational counselors guide you towards the perfect educational path tailored to your passions and ambitions.

Visa Guidance

Embark your Global Journey Confidently: Navigating Visa Guidance Made Easy

Navigating visa requirements made simple - our experts will support you in every step of the visa process.

  • Travel Guidance
  • Housing & Boarding Supports
  • Post Graduate Formalities
  • License and Registrations
  • Other Due Diligence